How You Should Not Be Spending On Google Ads

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If you have started doing digital marketing to get more sales for your online store or service, congratulations, and good job investing in the future world of marketing! However, you might notice that these online marketing strategies sure drive lots of traffic to your website, but they are not exactly giving you lots of sales. Did it make you start pondering if digital marketing is not working? Or if you are doing it wrong? Do you need to spend more money to get more sales and money?


Don’t worry, this is why we are here- to guide you along the way of your journey to successful digital marketing. Although it is true that “you spend more money, you get more in return” in the digital world, that does not mean you are spending money blindly and profitless. The following are tips on how you should not be spending on Google Ads.


Not Using the Right Keywords

Take a look at the keywords you are currently using. Perhaps they are not the best at the moment but definitely can be improved. There are a few types of keyword match that could essentially help with your bidding.

  • Broad Match – This is the default that Google starts you off which is the most basic and broadest set on keyword terms for you to compete on. For example, if your business is Jacky’s Homemade Granola, and that is also your keyword, you will be bidding on terms like Homemade Granola, Granola, Jacky’s Granola and so forth. Broad match does not give you the privilege to have your ads appear consistently or relevantly, but it gives you the opportunity to figure out which keywords are worth bidding for as they will convert the most for you.
  • Phrase Match – This is when the searches include a phrase or close variations of it. It narrows down your search term further and helps identify the most important keywords in the search terms for you to bid. For example, if Jacky’s keyword is “Jacky’s Homemade Granola”, she can bid on search terms like “Jacky’s Homemade Granola in Malaysia”, “Jacky’s Homemade Granola for sale”, or “Jacky’s Homemade Granola flavors” and so forth.


Not Linking Your Ads To Relevant Landing Pages

Assuming you are the consumer and you see an ad stating there is a 50% discount on items from an online store. This catches your attention immediately and without hesitation, you click on the link and hoping it will take you directly to that specific page. What a straightforward and fast experience to purchase something so easily, isn’t it? Now imagine if you click on the link and it lands you on the main homepage itself or even worse, on a non-related page of the website. You will have to click here and there to search for that great deal. Within a few clicks, you still don’t find that specific page you are looking for, you give up and click the X button instead.


Be sure you have dedicated and specific landing pages for promotions and campaigns which will enhance the user’s experience and subsequently bring you more conversion which equals more sales and profit.


“The Best Place to Hide Secrets is at Page Two of Google.”


Not Using Google Shopping Ads For Tangible Products

If your online store sells tangible and physical products, why are you not using Google Shopping Ads? Google Shopping Ads gives you the space to display your product images, prices and definitely being on the most top of the search results.


Shopping online is just like shopping in real life. People want to see it, feel it and try it. In the case of shopping online, you can’t feel the product or item. However, including images of your products give the consumers more latitude to finally decide if they want to click the checkout button. Most people when shopping online would like a 360 degree visual of the item they are looking at, and also, read on reviews before eventually purchasing the item. So, with the advantage of using Google Shopping Ads, you get to display your product images, prices and even your brand name, all this while being at the top of the search results page.


Not Using Ad Extensions

Did you know that you can expand your ad with more information and links, at no additional cost? That’s right! Ad extensions give you more leeway to write more content and information to beat out your competitors and your ads get more space in the search results!


What you can add using ad extensions:

  • Location – Show off that you not only sell online, but you also have a physical store that your customers can go to. You can even add directions to make it easier for your customers to look for your store.
  • Call – Are you even real if you cannot be reached via a phone call? Make yourself look legitimate with a phone number where your customers can call you to inquire for more information.
  • Snippets – Display other services you provide, or other products you sell, or anything else you want to showcase.
  • Sitelinks – You can add additional links to feature them especially if it’s a promotion and add calls to action for your customers to easily click on them.


These are a few things that you should consider in the future when you are spending on ads. You would be surprised to see the difference it makes when you apply some of these tips to your future ads. After all, you are not likely to spend more neither with these tips, rather, you are enhancing the opportunity of utilizing Google Ads. If you’d like to know more tips, contact us and we will share with you our secrets. Email us at or give us a call at +60 088-718 418/+65 9297 9846 on weekdays during office hours.

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