How to get returning customers

returning customers

Remember when we shared tips on getting your first sale on your online store? Getting the first sale was hard but you might not notice this but getting your customer to repeat their purchase could be even harder. But you should not have to worry because Weave Asia is going to share with your some tips on reaching out to your customers.


A lot of customers turn out to be one-time customers who do not return to your online store after their first purchase. Do not be disappointed because the customers who had made a purchase on your products has shown that they have an interest in your brand or product. If your product or service turned out to be satisfactory and promising, they are sure to come back to make another purchase.

While their interest is still fresh and lingering, you may start planning your steps. What are the ways you can try to stay in touch with your customer?


Retargeting, also known as remarketing is one of the many ways you can keep your brand relevant to your customers. Spending a little bit on retargeting ads will allow you to show ads on different platforms to those who have visited your online store before. The fun part of this is, you can choose how to retarget and whom to retarget these at- people who had added items to their cart but never proceeded to checkout or people who actually have completed a purchase.


Start by running a few ads that will engage your customers even after a purchase- have them subscribe to your newsletter. Make it as interesting and tempting as you can to get them to opt-in to your newsletter. Throw in some interesting items that they might be interested in and maybe reward them with a voucher for signing up.

Once you have them signed up for your newsletter, you can easily reach out to them and best of all, it will be free. It is essential to keep your customers happy although they are not much of a big spender or repeating customers. With them signing up to your newsletter, you can add in a little customer service touch into your emails that you send out.


Send them a birthday gift ahead of their birthday. This way, they feel like they are appreciated and empowered, which will make them want to spend money in your online store with the birthday gift that you gave out. Also, ask them for feedback by sending out simple surveys that they can answer easily. That way, they would engage in your newsletter and feel like their feedback is heard. It is very important to build a relationship with your customers, especially gaining their consumer trust.


Whilst you may be sending a lot of emails, you need to check if the content of your email is worthy. Your customers may open your emails but what are the chances of them actually going through the whole email and reading it? The subject of your email also plays the most important role as it is the first impression of your email that determines whether the email will be opened.


Another point that may not have come across your mind is your product packaging. Is your logo simple but enough to leave a lasting impression on your customers? Companies like, Sephora, and Zalora can easily be identified through their boxes or packaging when the courier service people are waiting at the door to deliver your items to you. When the packaging box is just sitting at your kitchen table, anyone who walks past will know what company that is. This actually low-key and subtly create more new sales opportunities for your brand, or another subtle reminder to the customer to finally click on the “Confirm” button on the checkout page.


Another important thing to look out for is whether your online store is simplified and user-friendly. No customers like a complicated and non-straight forward website when they are browsing through. In fact, it frustrates them and drives them away. Be sure that your online store is user-friendly and responsive on all devices. A lot of shoppers are shopping while being on mobile so it is vital that your website provides the best experience for them to make a quick purchase.


Back to the retargeting point, it is fundamental that you retarget the right audience, not limited to just everyone who had visited your online store. You want customers who had already shown interest in your products to come back. Hence, create an ad that will draw their attention and engaging enough to encourage them to come back. Look at their past purchase and recommend products that are relevant to their initial purchase. Throw in a special deal for the product to get them attracted. Include a Call To Action to get them to click.


When the customer is converted into a repeating customer, show them your appreciation. Make your top spending customers feel privileged by sending out a personalized email to thank them for the support. You can even slide in an “exclusive” discount as a token of appreciation for them to use on their next purchase. On top of that, offer a loyalty program to returning customers who have reached a certain purchase amount. After reaching a spending of RM500, customers will be in the loyalty program which offers a point system or exclusive discount. This will entice customers to spend more and it also gives them a sense of privilege.


There are many creative ways for you to venture on to get your customers coming back for more. It isn’t an overnight result but requires patience and determination. If you’re thinking of attempting retargeting ads, email us at or give us a call at +60 088-718 418 on weekdays during office hours. We are more than delighted to guide you!


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