Ecommerce tricks to drive sales to your website

ecommerce tricks

Your website is where you take the opportunity to introduce customers your products and the story behind your brand. Your online store is where you promote your products and services to your potential customers. The most important page that will generate income and sales to your company is the product page.

It’s the page where you display all your products and your customers to decide if they want to buy your product or click the “X” button. It’s more than just beautiful, high-quality photos and a great description to make a great product.

This week, we’ll be touching on the topic on how to improve your product page to help promote sales.

1. Include more than just a description

Put yourself in the customer’s shoes and figure out some questions and concerns they might have regarding the products. What determines a customer’s motivation and urge to purchase something? Consider the reasons or hesitations as to why they would decide not to buy it.

It could be the lack of information provided in your description. You can add the functionality and practicality of your products. Describe and perhaps illustrate the function and role of your product and how it stands out from the other brands. Emphasize on the product’s key advantage and value with an image for clarity.

2. Add A Clear Call To Action

A product page without an obvious or apparent call to action is just unavailing to your online store. Your “Add To Cart” button should be smacked right in front of the product page where it is clear and visible to potential customers. You should make shopping in your online store easy and fast, as well as a complement to your website design.Β 

3. Display Reviews and Testimonials of Your Product

Personally, when I’m browsing an online store, I would be looking for reviews or testimonies of the product. Almost all potential customers read reviews as part of their research of the product before purchasing a product that is relatively new to them.

Having raving reviews of a product can determine a customer’s decision on clicking the “Add to Cart” button. Positive reviews from previous customers are free advertising for your future customers. People love to see products that work before they decide on their purchase.

The best position to place your product reviews is right below the product description. Display the best review first above all reviews to get the customer’s attention.

4. Cross-sell Relevant ProductsΒ 

It’s a good idea to include items that can go well with the currently viewed product. Upselling the product can help boost sales to your online store as well as introducing other products. It’s common to see suggested items on an online store when you are on a product page. It gives the customers an idea of what they can purchase together and what goes well with the product.

However, overdoing and excessive links with suggested products can tick a customer off. Companies end up losing their customers by shoving too many and looking too desperate and pushy.

Also, it will distract customers from their initial interest in your product. Don’t overwhelm visitors of your online store with aggressive spams. Do it with moderation and class.

5. Always Have Stock Ready

It’s great that an item from your brand is getting a lot of attention. When a hot item sells out fast, the demand for it increases. It is frustrating as a customer when a product you’re looking for is not available.

While you need time to stock up your products, and you should do it fast, assure and console your customer that the item will be available soon.

Provide an option for your customers to be informed when the stock is available. They can leave their email address and get an email notification once the item they’re eyeing for is finally available.

This way, you won’t lose any of your existing or potential customers. It gives them a sense of assurance and keeps them coming back to your online store.

6. Provide Customer Service Assistance

Although it is an online store and you don’t need staff to be assisting customers, it is vital to provide a portal for your customers to have their questions answered. Provide a live chat for higher satisfaction to your customers as they can get answers fast while browsing your online store.

You can have someone managing the live chat or have a chatbot to answer simple and common FAQs. It is useful when during high-traffic periods like sales and promotion period. Seeing that there is a live chat available at their convenience, customers have peace of mind and have trust shopping with your brand.

Your online store product page is the main vessel of your whole website. It is also the page that determines the sales and revenue of your company. If it doesn’t look well-presented or messy, customers could get frustrated and discouraged to continue shopping. The extra effort that you put into making your product page functional and stand-out will be appraised by your customers.

If you have questions about designing a functional product page, feel free to consult with us. We are more than happy to share some input and tips with you. Pick up the phone and contact us or email us at

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