What You’re Doing Wrong With Facebook Advertising

facebook advertising

The first thing to do after setting up your business is to set up a Facebook Page for it. A Facebook page is essential as it is a platform for you to connect with your audience as well as posting content updates for your followers to see. A Facebook page is a portal for your business to the digital world. It is also where you do your Facebook advertising to reach out to your target audience.

Perhaps Facebook advertising is not a stranger to your business anymore. You could be using it for the longest time, but it just seems like it’s not working at all. You could be spending dollars on it, but it looks like it is not bringing you any sales or return in profit. Here are some common mistakes made by business owners when it comes to Facebook advertising.

1. Broad And Wide Target Audience

You may think that reaching out to 3 million people will help spread awareness of your business. We are not wrong to think that everyone is a potential customer and we should reach out to them. However, we want to reach the correct target audience and spend every penny’s worth on your advertising. Why pay to reach the wrong target audience?

Try narrowing your target audience with important information such as age, gender, interest, and behaviors. These are the few key elements you want to look for in your potential customers. A size of 500,00 to 1.5 million people is good to start for any online business.

2. Not PatientΒ 

Be patient with facebook ads

We know that digital marketing is the present and future of marketing and it has been proven to work better. When you spend an amount of money on digital advertising, you want to see relevant results. However, sometimes it takes a little patience to see the potential outcome. When you plant a seed, do you expect a beautiful plant to grow the next day? It takes a lot of patience and dedication for something to grow.

It can feel like you are losing money by the minute at the beginning of it all. What you don’t know is that you are actually gathering data and insight at the beginning of digital marketing. Do not give up just yet. It can be tempting to pause or tweak your ads but try to be patient until you’ve reached 1000 people. You will get enough data to analyze and learn from your ad’s performance. With those data and insight you’ve collected from the Facebook ad, you’ll know what to improve one and tweak from then.

3. Failing To Monitor Your Facebook Ads

Monitor Your Facebook Ads

Take these Facebook ads as the seed you’re planting. In order for the plant to grow, you need to water it and make sure it has enough sun. Monitoring your Facebook campaigns is a must for a successful campaign. It’s tempting to just leave it all to Facebook’s automation tools, but keeping an eye on your audience’s engagement is vital. Read the comments and check out the likes of the post. Is anyone sharing or liking your content? If there are only a few, it’s time to consider changing your content.

4. Not Abiding The Image-to-Text Ratio

You have a fabulous and prominent image you want to include in your Facebook ads. Pause just a second and take a look at the image. Is it abiding the 20% rule that Facebook had set?

“Upload an image to determine how much text is in your ad image. If the proportion of text to image is too high, your ad may not reach its full audience. We make exceptions for certain kinds of products being advertised. Visit our Help Center to learn about exceptions, see examples of images with text, and get more guidance.”

What Facebook is trying to say is, less is more. You want your image to be the focus of the ad and having too much text next to your image will not reach out to your potential audience. Instead of cramming your text your image, display them in the post as a caption of description.

5. Not Utilizing The Value Of Your Ad Spend

You can do so much more than just getting sales from your Facebook ads. Even if your Facebook ads did not bring much profit or sales to your brand, there are other values you can gain from it all.

Some of the things you can obtain are:

  • Retarget visitors to your site in the future
  • Get more likes and comments on your post to build your social proof
  • Make use of those comments and engage with the audience who commented.
  • Invite those people who have liked or commented on the post to also like and follow your Facebook Page.


There is so much you can do with your Facebook ads and you can squeeze the value of your spending. Avoid these five mistakes in the future and you will gradually see an improvement in your ads. It takes a while for you to start mastering these tips and tricks but the result will be fruitful and productive

If you need a kickstart and don’t know who to consult with, feel free to contact us at wanting@weave.asia.

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