5 Ways Bloggers Can Help Your Business Grow

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Starting a new brand is never easy especially if you’re doing it alone with no help. The more connections you have the better you get to sell your product because they help spread the product through word of mouth. But what about driving traffic to your website? How do you get more potential customers to buy products from a new brand? People tend to believe in a product when they see reviews and results. This is where bloggers step in to help with start-up businesses and new brands.

It gets you thinking, how does a certain someone help with driving traffic and sales to your company? Isn’t that the same as a salesperson? Why not hire more salesperson instead? Continue reading on to find out how bloggers will help you grow your business.

Get Bloggers To Do Product Reviews

As mentioned earlier, you can gain a buyer’s interest and trust by showing them reviews and results. Buyers are more convinced when they see a new product being reviewed and tested out before they decide on buying it. Get in touch with a blogger to get started on promoting your brand. Send them your brand products and have them try them and do a thorough review. That goes without saying that you are expected to send your brand products to them for free. Some bloggers might charge a fee for their reviews, some don’t. However, it is practical to do a little research on which blogger to reach out to and engage with. Definitely get bloggers who are specific in certain topics, that way you get to reach out to the audience who are interested in your brand and product.

Guest Feature Writer on Blogs

If you can write contents that are interesting and draw attention, make full use of it. However, where do you publish these engaging content that will definitely get a lot of reads from potential customers? Your own website blog of course, but your new website might not get as much traffic drive as a relevant and established blog that has its pool of readers. Be a guest writer on these popular blogs! Look for blogs that have a significant number of followers and the type of audience you want to reach out to. Request if you can post your content on their blogs to drive traffic to your website. Back-linking is a terrific way to drive the audience to your website blog as well. Make sure your content topic is relevant to both the guest blog and also your brand. 

Seek Advice From Experts

It’s no problem if you are not good at coming up with content topics, you can always seek help from experts. Get someone who is a well-known expert in topics that relate to your brand and products. These are the people who are knowledgeable and confident in writing the content of the topics. If you are stuck and have no idea on what topics to cover, seek advice from these experts to contribute ideas, story, or tips to your blog post. These experts might also share your posts on their own blogs, contributing to more reach from their own readers. 

Get Listed In Gift Guides Or Listing

You have definitely gone on Google to search for a gift idea for your friend, spouse or parents when you were out of ideas. Your search results most likely bring you to blog pages. When you go on blogs like BuzzFeed or Upworthy, you see tons of articles with topics like “15 Budget-Friendly Gifts for Mother’s Day” or “10 Items You Never Knew You Needed” and whatnot, and these are the kind of articles that get your attention and you’d click to read. Well, why not get included in such articles? Reach out to bloggers who are likely and usually write articles like that and convince them to feature your product in one of their gift guides or list articles. It low-key and subtly gives your brand an exposure which will get potential customers to click on the back-link to get your website or research for your brand to see what it can offer.

Get Bloggers To Promote Your Product

Bloggers nowadays do not just sit around and write blog posts. They do so much more than that. Bloggers are getting more creative and original when it comes to creating content- post interesting photos, shoot videos, do polls and so much more. Go through your social media platform, see who you follow and check out their content. What you may not notice right away are the indirect ways they did product placement for some brands. This is because they curate their content so well that it somehow caught your eye on certain things without being too obvious. Engage with bloggers that have a significant amount of engaging followers and get them to promote your brand in their own creative ways!

Now that we’ve shared with you the ways and benefits bloggers can help your business grow, start doing some research and see which blogger is best for your brand promoting. It will be a fun research as well because it’s just like going through your social media feed and choose what is interesting to you. You won’t even feel it’s a chore or work! If you don’t know how to, watch this space! Next week we will be sharing how to reach out to these bloggers for a successful campaign!

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