Tips on managing your social media presence 

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In this modern day era, almost everyone owns a social media account. People of all ages own at least one social media account, whether it is Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter or so forth. A 9-year-old kid could even have more followers than what you have. Heck, even grandparents nowadays use social media to keep in touch with their friends and family.

Owning multiple social media accounts might get a bit too vexing and troublesome, especially if you’re handling more than just one account on each social media platform. How do you manage your social media accounts, especially your business accounts? Social media for businesses and brands is used to engage with your fans and followers, as it works as a platform to reach out to your followers, make an announcement, send out a message, and many more ways.

However, it could be a hassle if you have to manage multiple accounts and at the same time, you want to keep your social media accounts active and up to date to keep your followers’ attention glued to your business



planning your social media presence ahead

Plan ahead

In order to get consistency in your posting on social media, you should get a heads up and plan at least a month ahead of schedule. This is when a content calendar comes in handy. Discuss with your team on what kind of contents you want to create. Your content may also include promoting a new product, hosting a giveaway contest, making announcements of future events your company is holding, or just ask questions to get your followers to respond to you.


Consistency and efficiency

Now that you have your content calendar ready, you’re excited to post them all, aren’t you? But before you start posting on your social media recklessly and disorderly, check on your stats and analytics first. You want to check on when your followers are usually online and which days of the week are your followers most active on social media. Here’s how:


On your Facebook Page:

  1. Go to Insights.
  2. On the left tab, click “Posts”.

You’ll be able to retrieve information on what days all your Facebook followers are most active and even what time. There will also be information on which type of posts are more popular amongst your followers.


On your Instagram Business account:

  1. Go to Insights, it is the icon with 4 straight lines on the top right.
  2. Go to Audience and scroll down.
  3. On the Followers tab, you’ll see what are the hours your followers are on 
  4. Switch to Days to see which day of the week your followers is most active on.

With this information, you will be able to determine when to post and how often you want to post on your social media accounts. Remember, consistency with great content is vital, but frequently posting irrelevant content that does not attract your followers’ attention will be depicted as annoying resulting in followers clicking the “Unlike” or “Unfollow” button.


social media tips with hashtags


Before social media, the symbol # was called the pound sign. Today, kids will laugh at you for calling it the pound sign because it is now widely accepted as a “hashtag”. The # symbol is so powerful now and heavily used everywhere, especially on social media.

Hashtags are essential when you’re using social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. If you still live in the 90s era and have no idea what a hashtag does, allow us to briefly explain it.

Placing a hashtag before a word or a group of words will create a searchable link on the social media platform. Other users who also use the hashtag will be able to search for similar content or organizations or topics related to the said hashtag. To simplify, if you post a picture of flowers on Instagram and you #flowers, and when you click on the hashtag, you will see every picture that has the same hashtag.

So how are the hashtags important to your social media accounts?

  • Hashtags help to get your content seen to the public in social media
  • Create your own brand’s hashtags to personalize specifically for only your brand.
  • With hashtags, searching for a topic or content is made simpler as hashtags pull together all posts using that hashtag.

So the next time you want to post on your Instagram or Twitter, do a little homework and look for relevant hashtags that are significant to your content.



Schedule your posts

Now that you have all the information and ideas on what to post and when to post, you can set ahead of your posting.


With Facebook, you can schedule your posting accordingly.

  1. On your Facebook Page, go to Publishing Tools.
  2. On the left tab, hit Scheduled Posts.
  3. Go to Create and start scheduling your contents.

We’re lucky to have such a convenient feature on Facebook, unfortunately, Instagram does not have such feature yet. However, there are third-party apps that could ease your hassle.

Apps such as Hootsuite and Later allows you to add up to multiple Instagram accounts. From there you can start scheduling your Instagram posts based on your preferred day and time.

We hope these tips will assist you and your business to further grow and evolve especially in the digital marketing world. Try out these tips and sit back and relax while watching your social media accounts thrive and sprout.

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