Tips for Email Marketing That Works

email marketing that works

Does email marketing still work? A lot of business owners are doubting if customers even open their emails. Are the emails sent read or are they being marked as spam? Even worse, maybe the customers are unsubscribing instead. Don’t give up just yet! When done right, email marketing works and could generate more sales.

1. Know Your Target Audience

You want to be friends with your audience in this case. Hence, you have to know what their interests are and what will pique their interest. It will be easy to send out one email blast to everyone in your subscriber list but think about it, even as friends, not all your friends share the same interests. 

Don’t make the rookie mistake of sending one same email to all your subscribers. 

So how do you really go about sending the right message? What do you do to make sure your email content is relevant enough? How do you ensure your email isn’t ignored?

Have an email list segmentation where you can divide your email list into smaller and more targeted sub-groups. How do you segment your email list? It can be divided into data such as age, demographic, location, gender, behavior and many more. 

Highly targeted campaigns work and saw better average open rates, click-through rates, and higher average revenue per recipient. And, average unsubscribes were lower too!

2. Be Consistent, Not Spamming

How do you send emails to your subscribers consistently without looking spammy and desperate? First of all, when your subscribers willing joined your subscription emails, it means that they are interested to be kept in the loop of what’s happening. So do not feel obligated to keep those emails coming because it increases the chance of your sales!

Once you have a relationship with your audience, it is easier for you to define what emails to send to which audience. Remember, by subscribing to your emails or newsletters, they are agreeing to receive updates from you. Sending consistent emails to your subscribers is an act of nurturing a relationship with your customers and audience.

3. Keep Your Emails Out Of Their Spam Folders

When your audience or clients have opted to receive emails from you, your emails will not go to spam automatically. However, let’s play safe and avoid any circumstances that can put your email to the SPAM or JUNK folders. Don’t use UPPERCASE for your whole email or even the subject title. We know you’d like to get your point across but avoid using too many exclamation marks as well.

According to MailChimp, here are a few key pointers of the CAN-SPAM law:

  • Never use deceptive headers, From names, reply-to addresses, or subject lines.
  • Always provide an unsubscribe link.
  • The unsubscribe link must work for at least 30 days after sending.
  • You must include your physical mailing address.

4. Keep “Em Short And Straight To The Point

You are sending an email, not a newspaper article. Keep your emails short and simple but also get straight to the point. Nobody has the time to read a lengthy email from an online store. If they’d want to read something lengthy, they’d be reading the text message sent from a very angry significant-other explaining why “they find it funny how…” You get what we mean here.

Lyfe Marketing had some simple pointer to keep your emails short without miscommunicating:

  • Avoid beating around the bush and write as much as required to convey your message
  • If you want to share more information right in the email, use bullet points to break your email
  • Have one major call to action per email message rather than adding multiple ones

5. Entice Them With Interesting Subject Line

The first thing that your subscribers see when their mobile phone or laptop dings is the recipient and the subject line. It’s like the first impression that is given to someone you first met. Make the most of your subject line by making it transparent and not gimmicky because those can turn someone off, just like how it is on your first date.

Your subject line will determine whether or not your subscriber will open that particular email. 

So here are a few things you need to keep in mind when crafting the subject line:

  • Keep it short but informative enough
  • Throw in some human touch and make them feel connected.
  • Throw in a personal touch as though they are receiving an email from a family or a close friend.
  • If you’ve got a sense of humor or tend to be punny, make good use of it. People love a good laugh.

6. Have A Specific Landing Page For Campaigns

The reason you are sending your emails out to your subscribers is probably that you have something going to show them or sell to them. It’s also a way to keep them informed and remind them to pay your online store a visit. 

After you have caught their attention with your crafty subject line and quality content, they would want to go further from that email immediately.

Have a specific landing page ready for their convenience, where they can just click and be brought to what you have mentioned in the newsletter or email. This directs them to your website and bringing more traffic to your website. Also, increasing the chance of them purchasing items from your store.


You may think email marketing is old fashion and might not work anymore but think deeper, do you have a specific online store or subscription that you always, always open emails send by them? See, this shows that email marketing works if done correctly. All it takes is some creativity and patience.

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