Micro Influencers vs Macro Influencers

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We have previously talked about the benefits of engaging a blogger or social media influencers as part of your marketing plan. Here is a little recap of the importance of having influencers to help promote your brand- create awareness for your brand, improve brand advocacy, reach new audiences and increase sales.

What is the difference between micro and macro influencers? Just like the measurement term, the macro is to refer to a large or huge amount while the micro is used to refer to a smaller amount.

What Is A Micro Influencer?

What are micro influencers? They are just like us, people with a less glamorous and more low-key personal life. A micro influencer usually has less than 10,000 followers, with an average of 3000-8000 followers on Instagram. They are usually more down-to-earth and have a more engaging audience rate. In this matter, the smaller number of followers actually allow these micro influencers to be more personal and as well as engaging with their followers. They are able to develop a more personal relationship with their followers- being able to reply to the audience’s comments or Direct Messages.

When To Collaborate with Micro Influencers

If you have a lower budget for your influencer marketing, working and collaborating with micro influencers will be ideal. Micro influencers do not charge for their posts, and even if they do, it is at a much lower rate. That way, you can work with a few micro influencers and reach out to a different audience from each influencer. 

Why Collaborate with Micro Influencers?

  • Authenticity – Let’s set an example scenario here. While scrolling through your Instagram timeline, you saw your friend enjoying a snack that looks new and the caption is raving how delicious it is and so on. It caught your attention because it’s from your friend and it looks genuine. You then comment or DM this friend to ask him or her where can you buy this snack. This is the same as how micro influencers are to their audience. You don’t think of them as a celebrity who staged this post to entice and promote this snack to you. It felt real and authentic and it plants an interest in your head.
  • Reach Different Types of Audience – Every influencer has their own audience. There is a reason why their followers are following them. It could be the content they post, the common interest they share, or simply because the micro influencer is just friendly and would reply to every comment from their followers. This way, you get to reach out to different types of an audience with specific interests or behavioral.
  • High Conversion Rate – Just like the example scenario mentioned above, micro influencers work in a way like word of mouth. It’s like a friend is just introducing you to something that is interesting or that works. You would give it a go and try it. It is easier to believe that the micro influencer has bought and tested a product and just want to share it with their friends on how great it is. This makes it believable and hence, the followers would buy it as well.
  • Cheap – Yes, they cost a lot less to almost no cost at all to collaborate with. With the lower rates, you can collaborate with a few more micro influencers to spread out the awareness of your brand. For those who do not charge for the sponsored posts, they only require that you send them the products you want them to help you promote.

What Is A Macro Influencer?

These are famous people who are often celebrities or someone with a mass amount of followers. Macro influencers have hundreds of thousands or up to millions of followers on their Instagram. Think the Jenner and Kardashian sisters. These are household names and names that everyone will know. It doesn’t necessarily have to celebrities that can be considered as a macro influencer, social media has opened a window to new online and internet personalities with the similar clout and influence.

When To Collaborate with Macro Influencers?

If your brand or company has the budget to splurge a huge amount on a macro influencer, this is when it works. If your brand has been around for a while and you just need a boost of awareness and reminder to its consumers, macro influencers can help build a reputation for your brand.

Why Collaborate with Macro Influencers?

  • Huge audience range – If your focus is to gain reach, these macro influences will be able to provide the results you’re looking for. The risk of them having fake followers is lower and they don’t need to boost their posts to get reach. Their organic followers are high enough to get the reach you need for your brand. 
  • Time saved – You don’t have to spend time picking and micromanaging a number of influencers. Splurge on one macro influencer and you are all set. Just wait for the organic results they can bring in.
  • High level of professionalism – Macro influencers often have an agent or manager that represents them. This ensures professionalism as macro influencers have an image to represent and portray. Even if you are not dealing with the influencer directly, you have an agent to represent them who will work and deal with you in a professional way.
  • Have more control when running campaigns – Since you are paying them so much, you get to say when and what to post on their social media platform. You have the advantage of giving them precise instructions on what picture you want them to post and at exactly what time. You can also provide them with the caption to go with their post.

So, which one would it be? Is starting small by collaborating with a few micro influencers better for your brand? Or should you go big or go home and splurge on a macro influencer instead? Think about what is important for your brand and what are your goals. Whether you want to achieve conversion in sales or you just want your brand to be known to the world, there are factors to consider first.

If you need a second opinion and a kickstart on which influencer to collaborate with or how to reach out to them, Weave Asia has all the answers for you. Contact us via phone at +60 088-718 418 or email us at hello@weave.asia.

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