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Now that you have some ideas on how to increase your search rankings by backlinking, here’s part 2 of how to improve your Google rankings via link-building:


6. Reclaim Your Links

Connect reclamation is the most straightforward technique to get editorial links to your pages from referring sites that highlighted your brand but didn’t link to you.

Link Building Resources to Improve Your Search Rankings Part 2


Here are three sources of links you need to recapture, regardless of whether you perform B2B or B2C marketing:

i).  Brand mentions: This includes elements of your brand such as your website, events, and courses, among others. Other websites may mention your site but not connect to it. The future of link building is brand mentions. You can request that actual links be added to existing mentions via link reclamation.

ii).   Product mentions: Several websites, media portals, and message forums may promote your goods without providing a connection to your sales page or homepage. This does not necessitate the use of link-building software. To uncover these product mentions around the web, use the Rank Tank’s brand unlinked mentions finding tool.

iii).   Personnel mentions: What about your professional title, your team, your name, or your nickname?

All of these things give you another chance to recapture unlinked personal mentions and improve your search rankings by using your company or yourself as the search phrase. You want users to be able to utilise your site as a social bookmark if they have the authority to do so.


7. Ultimate Guide to Link Building

The web is linked together by links. Links exist because online pages and portals need to share information with users, rank useful content, push out the nonsense, and avoid plagiarism and duplicate content whenever possible. That is search engines’ role, and every SEO tool must operate inside their sphere.

Google values who links to your site and how they connect to it more than practically any other ranking criteria. According to Searchmetrics, the quantity of backlinks is the third most important element in Google ranking factors in the United Kingdom.

Link Building Resources to Improve Your Search Rankings Part 2


In his book, Ultimate Guide To Link Building, Eric Ward shows you:

  • How to build links
  • How to gain authority and credibility for your website
  • How to increase your site traffic and rankings


Link Building Resources to Improve Your Search Rankings Part 2


Ward teaches with a thorough understanding of link profiles, what makes them effective, and how to improve the quality of links pointing to your website. Understanding this means you won’t need pricey link-building software, but you will be able to benefit from tools that will help you be more productive.

In this book, Ward combines illustrated case studies, expert interviews, and helpful resources to convey his message. Once you’ve mastered the technique of networking with bloggers, you’ll discover that gaining backlinks can be a lot of fun.


8. Link Building for Startups – Find Unlinked Brand Mentions at Scale

Getting more links will improve your search performance, increase leads to your business and increase your revenue. If you don’t get links to your site, your search rankings, traffic and leads will suffer. Your startup will fail.

According to Club Z, about 80% of startups fail to see projected return on investment, frequently due to a lack of planning and experience.

Link Building Resources to Improve Your Search Rankings Part 2


You must create quality links to your pages before you can drive targeted visitors from Google and benefit from your site. Guest blogging is a realistic and cost-effective approach to accomplish this. By reclaiming your brand mentions as you contribute to industry blogs, you can increase your rate of gaining links.

Someone could, for example, cite your domain name (dodocase.com) but not link to it. Someone would have to copy and paste the URL into their browser or use a search engine to find it before they could access it. When someone clicks on the domain name, they will be taken to the startup’s website.

There’s no doubt that other sites are discussing your brand name if you’ve been continuously producing fresh and relevant content and promoting your site through social media. Don’t allow these mentions to go to waste; grab them and use them to create your own search phrase. And that’s exactly what “Link Building for Startups — Find Unlinked Brand Mentions at Scale” will teach you.


9. How to Get Links on Resources Pages

Resources pages are one of the most successful strategies for obtaining links. Startup Company Lawyer was able to obtain a link on Johnson Cornell University’s resources page as a result of this strategy.


Link Building Resources to Improve Your Search Rankings Part 2


Despite the fact that contextual links are desirable and strong, anchor text must be varied. It may not appear natural if all of your links appear within the article.

Link Building Resources to Improve Your Search Rankings Part 2

There is no one-size-fits-all technique to linking diversity ratios, however. Google can assess and pass value to your links based on the domain authority and page authority of referring pages, as well as their IP diversities.

Different niches necessitate different strategies for obtaining linkages. Building links to a niche site (e.g., a site focused on a single topic or product) is a sensitive procedure, for example, because you must consider the connecting site, ensuring that it is relevant even if it isn’t very popular. It doesn’t matter where you acquire your links from for an authority site, though. It could be from a completely unrelated website, but as long as your site has any authority, Google is unlikely to consider it spam.

“How to Gain Links on Materials Sites” is a useful guide that explains how to get the correct links by utilising resource pages, which are pages that have a lot of linked-to resources (e.g., blogs, books, papers, resource works, images).


Link Building Resources to Improve Your Search Rankings Part 2



Outreach is at the heart of every link-building campaign. You need to connect with people whether you’re guest blogging, broken link building, social media networking, or blog sponsoring.

Get down to business. Your target audience is looking for a personal connection with you. They should want to add you to their social bookmarking list. That’s the easiest approach to establish a loyal following, gain referral traffic, enhance search traffic, increase email subscribers, and increase revenue.


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