It’s Time to Brace for Change! – February 2020 Google Algorithm Update

Feb 2020 Google algorithm update

How the Google search engine works


There seems to be huge fluctuations in rankings over the past few days on Google Organic Search. SEMrush Sensor is off the charts, and many webmasters are reporting back-and-forth shifts in rankings. It is still unclear whether there is a pattern, but the chatter is huge enough to hope for at least some comment from Google. Our team at Weave Asia is keeping tracks on Algorithm changes & making sure that our clients campaigns are on track.

We all need help sorting through the vast information that’s available on the worldwide web. This is where the Google search ranking system comes into play: to sort through hundreds and billions of web pages on the search index to bring you the most relevant and useful results within milliseconds and ultimately, to help you find what you’re looking for. 

These ranking systems are made up of a series of algorithms that take into consideration a number of factors including words of query, relevance and usability of pages, expertise of sources, as well as your search location and settings. In order to make these algorithms work for you, you will need something called SEO.

SEO (search engine optimization) is the process of making a web page easy to find, easy to crawl and easy to categorize. It works to help your audience find you and help your business stand out amidst other competitors.

A Change is Happening, But Are You Ready?

There is a shift happening in the Google search ranking algorithm update. News has it that this shift may be big — even massive — but are you ready?

If you are a business owner who utilizes internet marketing to stay heads and shoulders ahead of the competition, this shift may mean that the visibility of your web page may be affected. In some cases, topline traffic even fell by 70 percent as a result of specific pages that all but disappeared.

At Weave Asia, we help you stand out beyond your business competitors by improving the visibility of your website on organic (non-paid) search engine result pages (SERPs) by incorporating search engine-friendly elements i.e. playing with carefully selected and highly relevant keywords. Most importantly, we also help monitor the constantly fluctuating algorithms to make sure that you stay ahead of the game no matter what. 

Get in touch with us to know more about what we can do and how we can help maximize your online reach. Times are changing, so should you.

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