Introduction to Google Business Profile – Getting a Listing in Singapore

Introduction to Google Business Profile – Getting a Listing in Singapore

The Google Business Profile is a free business listing by Google. You can provide details and pictures about your business’s location, services, and products.

Creating this free profile is a smart strategy to boost your presence across Google services. For example, your Google Business Profile information can show up in Google Search, Google Maps, and Google Shopping.


Only businesses that engage with customers are eligible to create Google Business Profiles. This includes businesses that provide services by meeting with clients somewhere, as well as those that have a physical presence (like a restaurant or store). (like consultants or plumbers).


If your business operates only online, you must stick to other Google tools like Google Ads and Analytics.




The Business Profile APIs are programming interfaces that let programmers create software that manages their Business Profile account and geographical information.


The APIs provide businesses and their representatives’ flexibility over who co-manages their data and how it is presented throughout Google. For example, photos, blogs, and reviews that users have made can be managed via the APIs.


Consult the Google Maps Platform documentation to retrieve local business information and give end users location awareness.


We advise you to register for the Business Profile APIs if you’re a developer planning to create software that manages your Business Profile data or using the AdWords API to manage manual location extensions.





1.Getting discovered on Google and Google Maps

Whether looking for web traffic or foot traffic, Google is the top search referrer. A Google Business Profile makes customers more likely to find your company when looking for similar goods and services in their neighbourhood.


Potential customers can find your business using the information on your Google Business Profile listing. A Google Business Profile also benefits local SEO. A listing for a local business is more likely to appear when clients use Google Maps to look for nearby establishments.


2. Controlling your online business information

You may update and modify your contact information, business hours, and other vital details in your Google Business Profile as needed.


Updates can be used to announce changes to services, temporary closures, or complete reopenings. Your information will rank higher on Google Business Profiles than external websites that might have outdated information because they have strong local SEO.

3. Building trust through reviews

Reviews are a crucial social proof component and an effective approach to increasing credibility and trust.


Customers can provide as much or as little information about their experiences with your business as they’d like, thanks to Google’s combination of star ratings and space for in-depth reviews. It helps current and potential customers decide which businesses to visit and what products to buy.


The idea of reviews appearing on such a public platform can be unsettling, especially since you can’t pick and choose which Google Business Profile reviews to submit. But don’t worry.​​ Google claims that a mix of good and negative reviews are more trustworthy than endless pages of glowing recommendations.




Google Business Profile allows you to create and get access to a Business Profile on Google. It also allows you to add and manage how your business information is shown on Google. Verify your business profile to ensure it is eligible to appear on Google. Visit the Business Profile community if you have any additional inquiries about profile verification. Click here to learn more about how to add or claim your Business Profile on Google.


Google bases the three factors listed below on its local search ranking:


  1. ​​Relevance is the degree to which search results match your Google Business Profile listing
  2. Distinction: The distance between your location and the searcher or search
  3. Prominence: How well-known is your company? (based on elements such as links, review quantity, review quality, and SEO)

Here is how you can increase your scores across the three factors:


Complete the elements of your profile

If your Google Business Profile is complete, customers are 2.7 times more likely to believe your company is reliable. They are also 70 per cent more likely to visit you.


Complete and accurate information makes it easier to match businesses with relevant searches. It improves your relevancy score. In this case, it’s essential to let Google users know what you do, where you are, and when they can visit. If your business hours change during holidays or certain seasons, make sure to update your website.


Verify your business location

Businesses that have been verified have a higher chance of appearing in local search results across all Google products, including Maps and Search. A genuine location also improves your score for the distance ranking element.


If you didn’t verify your location during the account creation process above, go to to request your verification postcard immediately.


Add images and videos of your business

Your Google Business Profile should come with a logo and cover photo. Use images that are comparable to those on your social media pages to make it easier for people to recognise your brand.


Don’t stop there, though. Add photographs and videos to highlight your location, working environment, and team.


If you run a restaurant, you should include pictures of your menus, meals, and dining room. Make sure they are expert, aesthetically beautiful, and high resolution. According to Google, companies with photos receive more requests for directions and website clicks.


Adding or updating photographs to your Google profile:


  1. From the dashboard, select Photos from the menu on the left.
  2. Begin by including your cover photo and logo. You have three image options: upload one from your Business Profile albums, or pick one with a tag for your company.
  3. In the top menu of the photographs page, select At Work or Team to add more images.
  4. At the top of the pictures page, select the Video tab to add movies.


Include keywords in your profile

When relevant keywords are used, relevance will rise. Need help figuring out where to start? Think about utilising Google Trends or Keyword Planner.


By using Google Analytics, Hootsuite Insights, and social media monitoring tools, you may find out what keywords people are using to search for your business. Then, incorporate them in a way that seems natural in your business description. Use relevant keywords sparingly and thoughtfully to avoid harming your search engine rating.


Keep business information up to date

Be sure to update your company page if any information, such as contact details or business hours, changes. Customers will never be more annoyed when they arrive during regular business hours and discover you are closed. Likewise, mention in your Google Business Profile any odd hours you have over the holidays or even sometimes.


You can publish postings on Google Business Profile to let people know about events, deals, and new product introductions.


Editing your company’s information:

You may always access the dashboard by going to to make changes. Additionally, you can modify your company’s information immediately from Google Maps or Search. To access the editing panel, simply enter your company’s name in one of these tools.


To share posts and publish content to Google Business Profile:


  1. Click Posts in the left menu on the dashboard.
  2. Click ‘Create post’.
  3. Decide if you want to create a COVID-19 update, an offer, What’s New information, an event, or a product-related message. Each sort of post requires different data to be entered.


Add special features

The features available to Google business accounts vary depending on your chosen category.


The available category-specific features are listed below:

  • In addition, highlights, check-in and check-out times, sustainability initiatives, class rankings, and facilities details can all be added by hotels..
  • Pubs and restaurants can upload menus, pictures of their food, and pictures of their most popular items.
  • Service-based companies may list their services on their website.
  • Healthcare providers can add health insurance details.
  • Depending on their categories, businesses can select from a variety of buttons, including buttons for orders, reservations, and appointment bookings.


If your business should be eligible for one of these features but isn’t, you may have chosen the wrong category. You may decide on up to 10 categories for your business.


Include factual material in your profile to give additional information your customers would find interesting. For example, if you own a store or restaurant, you might wish to mention that it has outside dining, free Wi-Fi, or is wheelchair accessible. You can even mention that your business is LGBTQ+-friendly and run by women.


How to add or change a property:


  1. Click Info from the dashboard.
  2. Select ‘Add attributes’ under ‘From the business’. Alternatively, you can click the pencil next to From the business if you’ve already added attributes and wish to add more.
  3. After selecting all the options that apply to your company, scroll through them all, check the relevant boxes, and press ‘Apply’


Add your products

Adding products by hand to your company profile:

Go to ‘Products’ in the left menu on the dashboard and choose ‘Get Started’ to add your first product.




Did you know? Google offers a free marketing kit that includes stickers, social media posts, and printable business posters. Even a unique video can be made. (The link will work after you set up your Business Profile). By fully utilising your Google Business Profile, you can enjoy plenty of benefits for your business that are free!

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