How to build and earn customer trust

gaining customer trust

What are the things you do before you decide to purchase a product from a new brand? The usual and most common thing to do is to read on the reviews from the past customers about the brand, the quality of the product, customer satisfaction, and most importantly if it is a legitimate brand. However, what if it is so brand new that there is not even one sale yet? This means there are no reviews and nothing for you to leverage.

How do you earn and build the trust of your customers? It is the hardest to earn when there aren’t any customers, to begin with. Don’t worry, this does not mean that it is impossible to gain their trust. Fortunately, there are several ways to establish this trust between your customers and your brand.


Add Human Touch To Your Business

What do you do when you met someone for the first time? You introduce yourself! Introduce yourself to your customers the way you met someone for the first time.

This is why the “About Us” page is so important in every business website. It is the window for you to tell your story of how your business begins and why it began. It doesn’t have to be too formal and serious, in fact, people love to read about personal stories. You can write about the story of how your grandmother inspired you to start your business, or perhaps the history of how it all began.

Stories like these give a personal touch and the human side of your business. This makes your customers feel emotionally connected to you and might even make them grow attached to you because of your touching, beautiful story of how you started from the bottom. It reminds them that there is a human behind this business.

personal-touch-and-the-human-side-of-your-businessWrite Till Your Heart’s “Content”

Without being too pushy, good content is an essential tool to relate to your customers who have no idea who you are. A way to create content to slowly introduce your products is by blogging. Constant blog contents can show that you are invested and passionate in your business and that you also care for your customer’s issues. Customers love it when their issues are addressed, especially in a non-commercial way.

Content marketing is a way to demonstrate your specialty and expertise in your product and industry. Consumers will be able to see that you know your stuff and that they can believe in your quality and services.

What kind of content can you write? You can write content such as tips on utilizing your products, benefits of the ingredients of your product, and many more.

Your content has to be consistent, relevant and high-quality to actually earn the trust of your consumers. Add a Blog page to your website and start writing away!

“Excuse Me, What’s Your Return Policy?”

When it comes to trying out new stuff, consumers would want to really try new things but are worried it might not work. This is when they will check out if there is a return policy in your products. One of the most commonly searched and asked question is “Is there a return policy?” or “What if I decided I don’t want it anymore?”

This is when you sweep your customers off their feet with your awesome return policy. Good return policies are the best way to let consumers know that you value their experience and to show that you are confident with the quality of your products.

It immediately gives a sense of security to your customers because they know that if there’s anything they’re not satisfied with, you have their backs, no questions asked. Return policies actually make consumers even more tempted and willing to click on the checkout button. They know for a fact that they don’t have to worry that they are wasting their money on something they might not like.

Make sure that your Return Policy page is clear with the terms and conditions and it is linked to your FAQ page at the footer of your website.

Customer serviceLive Chat Made Available

Consumers are just like the insecure significant other of yours that constantly need reassuring that their money is not duped. They want to speak to you immediately when they have doubts so why not be the good “partner” and be there for them when they need you?

Have a live chat or inquiry form for consumers to ask questions and make sure you respond quickly enough to earn their trust. Speed is really important when it comes to customer service. Customers want their questions answered almost immediately and having that live chat pop-up just adds brownie points to your new brand.

Chatting in real time and addressing their concerns encourage them to make the final step to purchase your item because customers feel valued and that they are talking to a real person and not a robot. It is almost as if they are shopping in a retail shop because there is a person behind the live chat answering all their questions and issues.

There are many other ways to earn the trust of your consumers. It is all about taking the first step and initiative to connect with them that will change their perspective of your brand.

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