How important is SEO for your long-term business?

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Any marketing professional worth their salt has SEO strategy in their toolbelt when it comes to generating digital presence. Short for Search Engine Optimisation, it’s a set of practices that moves your ranking upwards on search engines such as Google, thereby placing your information before your competitor’s. So really, it’s seeking out prime digital estate.

Whether you’re using Chrome, Edge, Safari, Opera or other browsers, search engines are gateways to the online world. But let’s be honest, how many of you have gone beyond the first five pages in your daily instances? In fact, some say that up to 95% of search traffic goes to the first page of search results.

This is why search engine visibility is so important. By strategising to appear when your target audience needs you the most, you are doing multiple things at once: Appearing as an authority, reinforcing your brand presence, and providing solutions to the user. Those businesses who appear on the first few pages are those that have displayed exceptional SEO alignment with the search engines over a long period of time. And here’s why they do it:


1.  Organic search remains the primary source of web traffic

Whether you’re researching, comparing, or buying, a search engine provides the platform to resolve these queries, and these contribute to the massive online activity. For businesses, this means plenty of opportunities to convert at different steps of the funnel.

2. SEO builds credibility

As the leading search engine, Google has implemented various algorithm rules to suss out the good websites from the bad. Much like the classic “established since” label to indicate heritage, a business showing up on the front page frequently is telling their audience how trusted they are by one of the most advanced search engine institutions out there – and so should you.

3. Local SEO brings quicker engagement, traffic and conversions

With the rapid rise of mobile traffic, local search has become important to small and medium-sized businesses in establishing success. By adopting small actions such as local citations, backlinks, and regional listings, local SEO can quickly bring relevant interest in the proximity to more effective ends.

4. SEO is quantifiable

Metrics help guide a business to decisions, especially in this data-driven age. The right talents can interpret the SEO results meaningfully to lend brands an edge, by answering questions such as where they were, where they are, and where they’re heading towards in their digital journey.

5. Help create the ultimate user experience

SEO may seem like tools set to engineer better rankings, but they are practices that also improve the user online experience. Qualifiers such as page speed, quality content and useful links are part of Google’s requirements, but these translate to users finding useful information quickly as well.

6. The effect is cumulative

SEO’s impact may be seen within the first few months of application, but more often, is fully seen over a year or more. While the initial effort is more, maintenance is all that is needed to produce a cumulative effect, making SEO a cost-effective business strategy to hold. Exemplary SEO implementation will hold water for many years to come.

From referral traffic to winning new clients, establishing a seasoned SEO strategy is much like compounding interest, where the rewards come in continuously and becomes a reliable stream for the business. With the right marketing strategies funnelling all this attention to the right avenues, this eventually leads to conversions and sales that service the bottomline. Just as search engines never sleep, SEO works around the clock to fuel businesses with interest 24/7. And in a globalised marketplace, this can also mean that SEO has incredible reach, lending you presence in places where you might pay handsomely to break into.

While the platter of SEO tools are constantly expanding and changing, the fundamental four will generally be enough to put an organisation in good stead: On-page SEO, off-page SEO, Technical SEO and Local SEO. With an experienced team keeping up-to-date with evolving technologies and algorithm requirements, your long-term business can definitely benefit from SEO even as you scale up to success.

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