SEO Case Study 4 – Ranking 14 out of 16 keywords on 1st page of Google

Client S is a specialist retailer of bathroom, kitchen and home-improvement products in Singapore. The client sought our SEO service because their keywords did not rank after their website was revamped. We began working on their website in July 2021, and over time, 14 out of 16 keywords started ranking on the first page of Google.


We found that individual pages were not indexed, articles lacked compelling content, and their Google Business profile was not optimised.


We started by doing keyword research and ranking for profitable keywords. We then continue to write a handful of content marketing topics that illustrate their expertise and knowledge. This is in line with Google E.A.T guidelines. Furthermore, we work on on-page optimisation and technical SEO until we reach 80 – 100% site audit score. Other than that, we continue to optimise client’s Google Business Profiles and make sure that all the articles are indexed on Google Search Console.

Site Audit Score
We manage to get 100% score on Site Audit.

Site Audit Score

We rank on the first page for 14 of our chosen keywords.

Ranked high search volume keywords in 1st page:

Kitchen sink

Bathroom accessories

Toilet accessories