SEO Case Study 3 – Achieved 16 major keywords on first page of Google in 17 months

Case Study 3 Banner

Client A is a video production company based in Singapore. They had difficulty getting organic traffic to their website. We started working on their website in June 2019 and in 17 months, their website started ranking on the first page of Google for 16 major keywords.


Being a young company, their website’s domain age was 2 years old when we started. To build credibility and authority for the website, we curated a handful of content marketing topics that illustrate their expertise and knowledge in videography. This is in line with Google E.A.T guidelines. Besides that, we work on on-page optimization and technical SEO to ensure that the articles are technically-sound for ranking in Google Search. After the articles started ranking on the first page of Google within 7 months, there was a gradual increase in organic traffic. As we regularly update our blog, keywords such as “video production company”, “video company singapore”, “ video production singapore” etc also started ranking on the first page after 17 months. 

16 major keywords ranked on the first page of Google in 17 months. 200 leads per month were generated. The client has to hire a marketing person to manage the enquiries. From a young start-up sharing a co-working space, they had shifted to an office after an increase in leads from SEO.