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Increase the average sales of your E-Commerce

Increase the average sales of your E-Commerce

Last week we shared some tips on getting your first sale after launching your online store. Congratulations on getting your online store known and getting sales! It’s a good feeling to see your products consistently getting sales but after a few months, it seems like your customers are just purchasing the same things and the amount is not going up but remaining stagnant. This is not going to help with gaining revenue for your business.

So, how do you turn that flat plateau to an uphill of a revenue? You want to increase the average sales of your online store to see the profit you can make through the digital sales. How do you do that? Where do you begin?

First of all, what is an Average Order Value? It’s what the average amount of money spent by each of your customer per transaction/checkout. Here’s how you calculate your Average Order Value:


Total revenue/number of orders = average order value


Discount, discount, discount

Did this catch your attention? It sure will when a customer is visiting your online store and they see this slapped right in front of them. But of course, there is a catch. Don’t just give them a discount for no reason, make them earn it. 

Set a minimum amount for customers to spend in order to get a discount. If your Average Order Value is RM120 per checkout or transaction, increase it by giving them a discount only if they spend RM180 and above. This will always entice shoppers to shop for more. 

That way, in order to enjoy the discount, your customers will now add more items to their cart just to enjoy the discount on their purchase. Make sure that this discount promotion is placed obvious enough on your website. It is best to have it displayed on the banner of your main page. Not to forget, add a discount/voucher code bar on your check out page to indicate that your online store does offer discounts.


Recommend Products on Your Site

When a customer is on your website, there’s a big chance that they are already thinking of purchasing something. It’s just like going to the grocery store with a list in your hand, knowing ahead what you want to buy and where to buy them. Imagine and assume that your customers do not have a list in their mind, take the opportunity to recommend other products for them to consider. 

It’s just like the grocery store example. When you go to the grocery store on a weekend, you will see some small booths set up in front of some aisles, and there will be someone handing you some food samples. You usually stop and try them, and then consider buying them because you are charmed by the recommendations and you think to yourself, “Hmm maybe I’d like to try this product too.”


Know thyself. Know the customer. Innovate.Beth Comstock


This is the same as online shopping! Provide product recommendations to your already shopping customers and they are likely to click on your recommended products and buying them. Place the recommended products on the same page of the product page, it can be at the bottom of the product page or on the side of the page to be more visible.

Use attractive phrases such as “You might also like…” or “Popular Items in Our Store” or “Customers Also Like” and so on. These will make your online store very well-received and popular amongst online shoppers. 


Complement Related Products

Similar to the method above, instead of just suggesting random items in your store, recommend some items that will go hand-in-hand with the item that they are viewing. For example, if your online store sells clothing, and the customer is on the product page of a pair of jeans, you may recommend a belt or a jacket to go with it, or shoes to accessorize. 

This is a cross-selling and upselling method that can help push your other items to be sold. You can take the opportunity to suggest items that are slow-moving or not so popular in your online store. Perhaps throw in an additional discount for pairing the items and purchasing them in one transaction.


Sell in Bundles or Packages

This is perhaps the easiest way to get customers to purchase items in a higher amount. 

Offer a bundled package of a few items from your online store at a lower price. This will appeal to customers who are already in the midst of purchasing a couple of related items and customers who can’t resist a great deal. 

A bundled package of a few items can be items of the same or items that complement well together. For example, if you are an online clothing store, you can bundle up a few of the same basic T-shirts of either the same color or different colors. If you sell a single T-shirt for the price of RM25, you can bundle them up to five T-shirts at the price of RM110 instead. That way, your customers will see it as a great deal and discount. Now, instead of just selling one individual T-shirt, you sell five instead.

For items that are different but complementing, you can go with things that will be bought together. For example, if you are an online grocery shopping website, you bundle up the essentials of cooking a pasta meal. Which means, suggesting to your customer a bundle of a box of pasta, a jar of bolognese sauce, a bottle of parmesan cheese and a pack of meatballs. Not only you get to sell more items in one transaction, but you are also actually helping your customers with their shopping. 


Start a Loyalty Program

Don’t underestimate the power of returning customers. With returning customers, they are bound to bring more sales to your business. 

Show your loyal customers how much you appreciate them by starting a loyalty program and membership programs. 

Give them free membership that cost nothing and they will be more than excited to join. Get them to keep their membership by sustaining an amount of purchase annually. Reward them with membership tiers to have them feel privilege. For example, Sephora offers three different types of membership tiers in their loyalty program. There is the Sephora White, Sephora Black, and  Sephora Gold. The Sephora Gold is the highest of all three tiers, which can be earned if you spend RM4,500 a year to be qualified. Of course, we such big spending, the rewards offered are also worthy and make you feel like a privileged member.


Build relationships, not links.Scott Wyden Kivowitz


You can also introduce a point system where members can collect points from their purchases. In exchange for the points, your customers can get discounts or gifts. The Body Shop offers an RM15 voucher for every 150 points collected. As an active and regular customer of The Body Shop, I am often very excited to get my RM15 voucher because it shows that I am a constant buyer and it made me feel established. This also encourages me to want to use the voucher to buy more items from them. I’m not complaining though, because these are the items I would use regularly and routinely.

Also, you can get your customers aka your online store members now, to refer a new friend to shop at your online store. Reward them with a small token of gift or a credit in their account for their next purchase. This helps with bringing in more new sales to your online store.


Remarketing Campaign

Ever just visited a website and browse through their products then decide to just not buy them. Then magically when you are browsing on the internet and you see that exact item popping up on your screen. It’s like as though it is calling out to you, luring you to click on it and complete the transaction.

This is the remarketing campaign, which is used by a lot of brands to reconnect with the people who have visited their website but did not complete a transaction. This allows you to strategically place your ads in front of the audiences while they browse on their search engine. This method enables you to increase your brand awareness and remind the visitors that they might want to change their mind and click on the checkout button to complete their purchase.

It might seem like a desperate move that is somewhat haunting you as these ads keep popping up on your browser, however, it is proven that the remarketing campaign works and have gathered more sales to online stores. Online stores like ZALORA and Lazada heavily use the remarketing campaign and it actually does its job. Ever more often, they sometimes do provide a discount code specially for you to use just so you would be convinced to finally check out.

Sometimes, a customer just needs a little push and reminder to make that purchase. If spending a little money on remarketing campaigns will help increase your average order value, why not?

If you are unsure of how to start with remarketing campaigns, don’t worry! At Weave Asia, we have experts who can advise you on digital advertising and we can answer all your questions regarding digital advertising. We are here to help your online business grow and expand. For more information, email us at hello@weave.asia or give us a call at +60 088-718 418 on weekdays during office hours.


Is your website secure?

Is your website secure?

When you’re on the internet browsing some websites, you probably noticed the links are sometimes http or https. What is the difference you may wonder.

The “s” on the https actually stands for “Secure Sockets Layer” that encrypts all the data between your web browser and website. This adds an extra layer of protection against hackers from stealing passwords, credit card information and personal data.

On July 24 2018, Google Chrome started marking websites without https as not secure. 


How does this affect your website?

  • Having a secure website helps boost your Google rankings and SEO.

You may be doubtful how a little upgrade to your website security correlates to your website’s rankings and SEO. If you and your competitor’s website both are really similar; same loading speed, same tags, keywords, content, interesting graphics, and you both are really competing really close to be on the top of the search page. Once users see that your website does not have the “s” and the words “NOT SECURE” pops up on the side of the link, they will exit your website and move on to your competitor’s website. You wouldn’t want to lose potential customers because of this. So, it is important to switch your website from http to https. 

  • Better ranking equals better traffic to your website, which then lead to conversions.

Needless to say, evidently, with your website ranking first on the search results, and with the word “Secure” stamped on the website link, customers are more likely to trust your website. This then leads to conversions.

  • Obtaining the confidence and trust of your customers.

When a customer goes to your website and is ready to make a purchase online, and they see that your website is not secure, they’ll probably change their minds. An online customer’s highest concern when making an online purchase is that their credit card information being stolen. With a secured website, your customers will have confidence in clicking the “Check out” button.


Convinced and ready to switch from http to https?

Now that you’re ready to have a secure website, how and where do you start? You don’t have to worry about a thing. Weave Asia can help you with the whole process so you don’t have to fret over the technical stuff. Contact us today to find out more! 

Tips for Email Marketing That Works

Tips for Email Marketing That Works

Does email marketing still work? A lot of business owners are doubting if customers even open their emails. Are the emails sent read or are they being marked as spam? Even worse, maybe the customers are unsubscribing instead. Don’t give up just yet! When done right, email marketing works and could generate more sales.

1. Know Your Target Audience

You want to be friends with your audience in this case. Hence, you have to know what their interests are and what will pique their interest. It will be easy to send out one email blast to everyone in your subscriber list but think about it, even as friends, not all your friends share the same interests. 

Don’t make the rookie mistake of sending one same email to all your subscribers. 

So how do you really go about sending the right message? What do you do to make sure your email content is relevant enough? How do you ensure your email isn’t ignored?

Have an email list segmentation where you can divide your email list into smaller and more targeted sub-groups. How do you segment your email list? It can be divided into data such as age, demographic, location, gender, behavior and many more. 

Highly targeted campaigns work and saw better average open rates, click-through rates, and higher average revenue per recipient. And, average unsubscribes were lower too!


2. Be Consistent, Not Spamming

How do you send emails to your subscribers consistently without looking spammy and desperate? First of all, when your subscribers willing joined your subscription emails, it means that they are interested to be kept in the loop of what’s happening. So do not feel obligated to keep those emails coming because it increases the chance of your sales!

Once you have a relationship with your audience, it is easier for you to define what emails to send to which audience. Remember, by subscribing to your emails or newsletters, they are agreeing to receive updates from you. Sending consistent emails to your subscribers is an act of nurturing a relationship with your customers and audience.


3. Keep Your Emails Out Of Their Spam Folders

When your audience or clients have opted to receive emails from you, your emails will not go to spam automatically. However, let’s play safe and avoid any circumstances that can put your email to the SPAM or JUNK folders. Don’t use UPPERCASE for your whole email or even the subject title. We know you’d like to get your point across but avoid using too many exclamation marks as well.

According to MailChimp, here are a few key pointers of the CAN-SPAM law:

  • Never use deceptive headers, From names, reply-to addresses, or subject lines.
  • Always provide an unsubscribe link.
  • The unsubscribe link must work for at least 30 days after sending.
  • You must include your physical mailing address.


4. Keep “Em Short And Straight To The Point

You are sending an email, not a newspaper article. Keep your emails short and simple but also get straight to the point. Nobody has the time to read a lengthy email from an online store. If they’d want to read something lengthy, they’d be reading the text message sent from a very angry significant-other explaining why “they find it funny how…” You get what we mean here.

Lyfe Marketing had some simple pointer to keep your emails short without miscommunicating:

Avoid beating around the bush and write as much as required to convey your message

If you want to share more information right in the email, use bullet points to break your email

Have one major call to action per email message rather than adding multiple ones

5. Entice Them With Interesting Subject Line

The first thing that your subscribers see when their mobile phone or laptop dings is the recipient and the subject line. It’s like the first impression that is given to someone you first met. Make the most of your subject line by making it transparent and not gimmicky because those can turn someone off, just like how it is on your first date.

Your subject line will determine whether or not your subscriber will open that particular email. 

So here are a few things you need to keep in mind when crafting the subject line:

  • Keep it short but informative enough
  • Throw in some human touch and make them feel connected. 
  • Throw in a personal touch as though they are receiving an email from a family or a close friend.
  • If you’ve got a sense of humor or tend to be punny, make good use of it. People love a good laugh.


6. Have A Specific Landing Page For Campaigns

The reason you are sending your emails out to your subscribers is probably that you have something going to show them or sell to them. It’s also a way to keep them informed and remind them to pay your online store a visit. 

After you have caught their attention with your crafty subject line and quality content, they would want to go further from that email immediately.

Have a specific landing page ready for their convenience, where they can just click and be brought to what you have mentioned in the newsletter or email. This directs them to your website and bringing more traffic to your website. Also, increasing the chance of them purchasing items from your store.



You may think email marketing is old fashion and might not work anymore but think deeper, do you have a specific online store or subscription that you always, always open emails send by them? See, this shows that email marketing works if done correctly. All it takes is some creativity and patience.

Feel free to contact Weave Asia if you have more questions regarding email marketing or general digital marketing via phone at +60 088-718 418/+ 65 69085642 or email us at hello@weave.asia.